For Residential Real Estate Agents

We’re bringing the benefits of inHere® to all of your residential real estate transactions.

The inHere® App gives you

  • Convenient access to view the status of transactions on mobile device or computer.
  • Real-time notifications as our Escrow Teams process your file.
  • Track important milestones, view and share documents, and get updates.

Enjoy the freedom of managing your transactions from the comfort of your office, living room, or wherever life finds you.  Everything you need is inHere®

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Track More.
Know More.
Do More.

Designed for everyone involved in the home closing experience, inHere® keeps you informed and gives you access to track important milestones, documents, and messages related to your real estate transactions. No more fumbling through emails, inboxes, text messages, or voicemails. Everything you need is inHere®.

Transaction Dashboard

The Transaction Dashboard gives you quick access to important status updates for each of your transactions at a glance. With the ability to show you one or many transaction cards, the dashboard view allows you to effortlessly scroll through each transaction. You can also filter your transactions based on title company, status, order date, or location. The dashboard view allows you to save time by staying current on each transaction’s progress, giving you more time for clients and prospects.

Milestone Tracking

The new inHere® experience gives you easy-to-understand and consistent milestones. These milestones make knowing where you are in the transaction process just a tap away. Now you can see the pace transactions are moving and provide clients meaningful updates.

Push Notifications

Keeping informed has never been more essential, so inHere® gives you new ways to get notified when milestones are met, messages arrive, or documents are ready for review. Push notifications can be enabled in your settings to instantly alert you when transactions have important status updates you should be aware of.

On-Device Documents

On-device documents help you keep important files related to your transaction in one place and out of email. The document library will help you do everything from finding documents faster to commenting or sharing a message or question about a document with our team. Having all your documents in one place helps you focus your attention on the documents related to each transaction and the actions you need to take – review, share, or answer document-based questions for clients.