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  • DOP

    Digital Opening Package

    Experience the DOP through the eyes of your buyer and seller

    • What is DOP
    • Buyer and Seller Requirements
  • Escrow

    All About Escrow

    Take a journey through the transaction and how escrow partners with the agent for a smooth closing

    • Available TG Marketing tools
    • Who is TG Escrow
    • What is the Escrow Process
    • Brief look at DOP and inHere
  • FinCEN

    Understanding FinCEN GTO

    (New as of 9/5/23)

    • What is the FinCEN Geographic Target Order?
    • What is the Process?
    • How Can You Prepare Your Buyer?
  • Fraud

    Our Fight Against Fraud

    What are the top types of fraud in real estate and how to identify potential fraud

    • Wire Fraud/Business Email Compromise
    • Absentee Owner
    • Rubber Cashier’s Check

    What You Need To Know About HARPTA

    • What is HARPTA?
    • Who is exempt?
    • How does the Seller apply for a waiver or reduction?
  • Hands On Activity:

    InHere® Set up and demo

    • Hands on session to register for inHere®
    • Download app and login
    • Review Dashboard with milestones and notifications
    • View Documents and send out
    • Learn about notifications and searching app
  • Prelim Part 1

    Preliminary Title Report Series:

    Part 1: Understanding the Preliminary Title Report

    • What is it?
    • Why is it important?
    • How do I read it?
  • Prelim Part 2

    Preliminary Title Report Series:

    Part 2: Proactively Addressing the Prelim

    • Recording Systems
    • Title and Tenacy
    • Effect of Liens
  • Prelim Part 3

    Preliminary Title Report Series:

    Part 3: Proactively Addressing the Prelim

    • Easements
    • Survey
    • Construction