4-16-20: Face Masks Required for Entry into TG

3-25-20: Drive-Up Signings Now Available

Drive-Up Signing Experience

In an attempt to help the people of Hawaii complete their refinance, sale, or purchase transaction, Title Guaranty of Hawaii will be offering an optional Drive-Up Signing Experience.

This allows individuals involved in real estate transactions to safely and securely fulfill the signing and notary obligations necessary to completing their transaction.

Drive-Up Signing appointments may be scheduled through the individual’s Escrow Officer and will be carried out in a number of TG branches across the state.

Here’s what you can expect:

For additional specifics around what you can expect before, during, and after the signing experience, please click on the link below.

Click Here to Learn More

Please contact your Escrow Officer to inquire about the use of this service and if it may apply to you.

Mahalo, Mike B. Pietsch

3-20-20: REFI and Resale Transaction Updates

To all clients:

I want to assure you that in the event the Bureau of Conveyances is required to stop recording due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Title Guaranty of Hawaii will still continue to close residential Refinance and Resale transactions with title insurance. We are committed to keeping transactions closing for you and our community. We’ve got you covered.

Below illustrates how this will work:

  • Transaction is opened, title report will be completed, and pay-offs are ordered and entered.
  • Lender sends in figures; our escrow officers and centralized CD team will balance file, create statement and set up signing.
  • Clients will sign documents and we will notarize at our branches or use a mobile notary.
    • We are suggesting drive up signings, where the client has the option to stay in their car (starting Monday).
    • Seller / Buyer / Borrower will sign a special indemnity form for COVID-19 during the gap (see below).

Click here for Borrower form

Click here for Seller form

  • Electronic file is sent to our title department for review and held until the BOC resumes operations.
  • Lender and/or Buyer funds escrow as they normally do.
    • We are drafting verbiage for the lender’s instructions which assure the lender that TG will insure despite funding and disbursement occurring before recordation.
    • TG will offer Gap coverage for the time period between the closing and recordation date for all parties.
  • File closes per the date on the deed, mortgage, and contract; funds are disbursed and pay-offs are made.
  • Title insurance will be issued to all parties as of the date of closing and disbursement.
  • Once the BOC re-opens, TG will submit for recording and notify all parties that the document has recorded.
  • Title insurance will be updated at recording to incorporate recording date.

In summary, title insurance will cover you to close your transactions if the Bureau of Conveyances is no longer recording.

We are here to support you during this time. Please reach out to anyone at TG.

Mahalo, Mike B. Pietsch

3-19-20: How TG is Practicing Social Distancing

3-19-20: Update on Saturday Signings

3-13-20: COVID-19 Announcement

Our Kuleana: How Title Guaranty of Hawaii Is Navigating Through COVID-19

At Title Guaranty, we believe it is our kuleana during this time to focus on our extended ‘ohana of employees, clients and communities. TG is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and our intent is to keep you in the loop on our proactive approach during these times. Thus, I wanted to personally reach out to you and offer an update on TG’s plan to support our clients and their businesses.

TG’s Commitment to Support You
  • Keep You Informed on the Latest Updates – We are tracking CDC guidance for employers and businesses, along with other federal, state and local directives or advisories related to confirmed diagnoses, travel limitations, and school or other closures.
  • Strength in Numbers – TG’s dynamic workforce is the largest in the state. Our size gives us the capacity to operate and function at the highest level—no matter the situation.
  • Ability to Function Remotely – Our team has created a plan that will ensure your transactions will continue to be processed smoothly and efficiently and we are positioned to support large-scale remote servicing. All essential employees will have the equipment and resources they need to work from home.
  • Complimentary Mobile Notary – We are committed to accommodating you when and where you need it. TG offers mobile notary services.
  • Digital Transaction Process – Our goal is to refine our process and systems to support a digital experience. We are diligently working towards this goal.
  • A Clean and Safe Environment – In addition to our regular cleaning procedures, all TG branches are implementing the following precautions:
    • Each office will have hand sanitizing stations.
    • Guests will be given their own TG pens during singing to use and take home with them.
    • Our cleaning services are devoting extra attention to high traffic areas.

Please visit this page for up-to-date notifications and guidance. We remain committed to serving your needs and those of our employees throughout this global health crisis, and we would like to express our gratitude for your continued trust in all of us here at Title Guaranty.

Mahalo, Mike B. Pietsch

3-13-20: Informational Course on COVID-19

If you would like to educate yourself about the current COVID-19 pandemic, Title Guaranty of Hawaii has found a free online course that you may take to learn what the virus is, how it’s spread, and specific responses that you can use to minimize the spread and impact of the virus.

Click the image below to view this free online course: